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• 24 grams of fast-digesting complex carbs to fuel working muscles during training
• 3,500 mg of pure vegan-friendly Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to protect working muscles as well as act as a secondary fuel source to support stamina and endurance
• 2,500 mg of Taurine supports and sustains energy by rapid conversion of glycogen into ATP
• 1,000 mg of pure vegan-friendly Glutamine helps increase and support anaerobic capacity
• Certified organic powdered coconut water provides naturally occurring electrolytes to support hydration

Benefits of IGNITE

IGNITE provides 24 grams of fast acting and fast digesting complex carbohydrates from non-GMO maltodextrin that helps support glycogen replenishment and muscle energy, along with low glycemic certified organic coconut sugar to help quickly replenish blood glucose. Ignite also delivers a targeted base of 7,000 mg of essential amino acids including: 3,500 mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids (2:1:1 ratio) from fermented plant based sources to provide superior protection to working muscles during training, as well as prolonged energy; 2,500 mg of Taurine to support continuous conversion of carbohydrates into muscle energy; and 1,000 mg of Glutamine to buffer lactic acid and support improved prolonged anaerobic capacity. To support improved hydration IGNITE also delivers naturally occurring mineral electrolytes from certified organic powdered coconut water, making IGNITE the absolute cleanest and best fuel source for maximum effort and peak performance.

Best uses for IGNITE

IGNITE is recommended for any athlete, regardless of sport, who trains 4 or more days per week, and/or who needs improved energy levels before and during training or competition. IGNITE is capable of  effectively fueling all three energy systems: ATP/Phosphagen (strength training), Anaerobic Glycolytic (high intensity conditioning) and Aerobic (endurance based). IGNITE is an excellent way to support improved hydration before, during and after training or competition.